Centreville Elementary

Centreville Elementary's mission is "to educate all students to succeed as productive citizens in a global community."

Becky Stauffer, Principal
269-467-5209 - fax
Lisa DeLeo and Sally Reed, Secretaries
269-467-5209 - fax
Diana Kamphues, School Counselor
269-467-5209 - fax
School hours: 7:52am-3:00pm
Office hours: 7:30am-4:00pm
(Office hours may change during school vacations, please call first.)


Emergency Drills for the 14-15 School Year:
Tornado Drill Completed on 9-9-14 at 10:30 pm
Phase 1 Lock Down (Transition Time) Completed 9-22-14 at 7:45 am
Fire Drill Completed on 9-24-14 at 10:30 am
Tornado Drill Completed on 10-2-14 at 10:30 am 
Phase 1 Lock Down Completed 10-21-14 at 9:00 am
Fire Drill Completed on 10-22-14 at 1:30 pm
Fire Drill Completed on 11-5-14 at 1:30 pm 
Phase 2 Lock Down on 11-13-14 at 1:30 pm
Phase 1 Lock Down on 2-3-15 at 12:10 pm (Transition time)
What's Happening at Centreville Elementary? 
 Our 4th Graders Visit our State Capitol
Mr. Engle   Mrs. Smith
                                         Mr. Engle's Class                                                   Mrs. Smith's Class 
 Fall Festival is always a favorite time for our students and the CTE Ag Students.  
 Fall fest 1 Fall Fest 2
Parker Creal  Christian Hill
  Thank you to Author, Buck Wilder, who came to visit us.  
All the students enjoyed his stories.
Buck Wilder 1  Buck Wilder 2
Our 5th and 6th Graders had an "Amazing" time at Amazing Acres in Edwardsburg
as a reward for their first incentive.
5th and 6th  Amazing Acres
2014-15 "Bulldog Newsletters"

  Student Announcements
Elementary Announcements are found within the Newsletters of each grade. To find necessary information please follow these 3 easy steps: 
1. Select Elementary Staff
2. Select Child's Grade 
3. Select Teacher Name and then Newsletter
         (or for some grade levels just select Newsletter, as they share their information.)
Parent Involvement Plan
Centreville Elementary Student Handbook